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For all lovers of high fidelity sound Arkhipov's Laboratory offers a range of exclusive, hand assembled headphone amplifiers with a line of compatible, stand-alone DACs.Т Our DACs are based on well known & respected digital to analog converters such as PCM 63, PCM1702, PCM 56, TDA 1541, AD1861.
«Jubilee amps series» Our amplifiers and the analog stages of the DACs come with a choice of valve (tube), solid-state and hybrid configurations. The design philosophy and our construction techniques are totally based on achieving superlative audio performance at power levels needed by modern high quality headphones.

All our valve/tube circuitry uses proven, classical circuit topology based on triodes or pentodes as well as combinations of both. Output transformers are hand wound and designed individually for each unit. This results in a brilliantly light, lively and open sounding performance having excellent dynamic range which is suitable for reproduction of all types of music - from the lightest instrumental and vocals to hard driving rock, electronic or jazz.
Arkhipov amplifiers cater for a wide range of headphone impedances from 20 to 600 Ohms. Some models accept loads down to 8 Ohms. Each unit has dual outputs using two standard 1/4" (6.35mm) jacks.

Signal source level for our amplifiers is 250mV rms or higher, from DACs, CD players, phono preamps, computer sound cards etc.

An additional & very useful application of an Arkhipov amplifier is as a high-performance buffer between a signal source and a consumer-grade power amplifier driving speakers. You will be pleasantly surprised by the improvement in sonic quality that is possible with such a configuration.
«DAC 63»
The solid state and hybrid models are designed and made with the same perfectionist approach as our all-valve (tube) units. Proof of our designs lies in the very low level of listener fatigue - even after extended periods of use. All our amplifiers have superb technical specifications, wide frequency response, excellent linearity & very low intermodulation distortion.

The analog portions of our DACs are designed with the same design philosophy as our amplifiers. Inter-stage audio transformers are of well proven design, having compact cores of amorphous cobalt alloy with minimal stray capacitance and leakage inductance. Most models use a valve (tube) to drive the output. They accept input from CD or USB players and several models feature USB and RJ-45 interfaces for direct connection to a computer or home server.

The designers and constructors of these high quality units have between them decades of professional engineering design experience in the audio field. Their expertise guarantees first-class quality and finish of all our products.

Arkhipov amplifiers and DACs are assembled by hand in laboratory conditions. Metal chassis are professionally fabricated and finished with high-grade black powder-coat coating. The wooden plinths are made entirely from solid timber with a choice of oak, cherry, plum or other quality woods. All timber parts are coated with a hard-wearing, satin lacquer finish.

Wiring is point-to-point with teflon insulation used exclusively and all components are of the highest quality. Each unit is subjected to rigorous inspection & testing during each stage of construction, and additionally, undergoes a week-long proving cycle including burn-in, performance and listening tests.

Not all versions of the Akhipov range are shown on this site, because the designs are subject to constant upgrading & improvement as well as often being custom-made to order. But all our amps and DACs carry a lifetime warranty (with the exception of valves (tubes). We offer a “money-back” guarantee for all standard units returned within one week of purchase - no reason for return is required.

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