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This is a single-stage pentode amplifier using two EL84 valves (tubes). Its excellent sonic quality and good technical characteristics were achieved by the design of a specially complex output transformer (primary inductance exceeding 50H) and direct coupling in the signal path.
This unit exhibits bright detailed sound with tight uncoloured bass resembling the sound of electro-dynamic speakers.




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The “ULTRAVOX” is a 50 Watt hybrid integrated power amplifier using the design principles of the Ultra range. This unit employ a single 6SN7 in the input stage, transformer coupled to two EL84 valves (tubes). The solid state output stage uses two pairs of massive FETs in Class A configuration. Two separate power transformers are used to supply the valve and FET stages.
Due to the unusual circuit topology, this design achieves the outstanding sonic qualities of the Ultra range while delivering 50 Watts (true rms) power to an 8-Ohm load.




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A phono preamp with built-in equalisation for moving-magnet cartridges, this unit is ideal for playing vinyl records. Based entirely on FET technology without any negative feedback it uses devices like 2SK170 etc. With an input of 3mV rms output level is 500mV.
The unit delivers light, open sound with excellent dynamics.

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